Elivanes SH2 Shark

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Elivanes SH2 Shark.

Pack 50 vanes + double-sided tape High Performance 3mm x 3,2 mt + closer tape black.

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The “Shark” Vane profile have the free tip to wrap around themselves during the first phases of flight and, following the heeling of the arrow, they open giving a greater deporting surface useful to give a more rapid stabilization of the shaft. When the arrow takes its correct direction of flight, the Shark vane tend to close on themselves in order to offer a smaller surface and, therefore, less friction to the advantage of the speed of the arrow.

Available in RH / LH version - White and Blue colors in the new Full Color version.

Shark 2 Profile

Excellent for medium distances, these vanes are best suited for compound archers shooting 50m FITA competitions or for recurve, barebow, or compound archers shooting Field or 3D competitions. (RB, BB, CO)

Pack 50 vanes, Double-sided tape High Performance 3mm x 3,2 mt and closer tape black included.