Privacy policy

In compliance with art. 13 Leg. Dec. No.196/2003 (ex art. 10 Law no. 675/1996) of the above-mentioned law, we notify asfollows:

  • The personal data are just required in order to process your order or to send our Newsletters.

  • The Data handling takes place through the use of manual and/or telematic tools by RGP trade di Reverzani Giuseppe in the person of Reverzani Giuseppe.

  • The data will not be revealed to third parties.

  • The personal data is mandatory in order to process your order and any consent not granted for the handling of the data will entail the total or the partial carrying out of the activities required for the conclusion of order processing.

  • The client may request details of all information held about him by us at any time, in compliance with art. 7 Privacy code (ex art. 13 Law no. 675/1996), in particular the client  as the right of demanding confirmation of the existence or not of his personal data, their communication in intelligible format and knowledge of their origin, the cancellation of his data, its transformation into an anonymous format or the blocking of those handled in violation of the law; the updating of the data, its rectification or its integration; the confirmation that the operations previously stated, have been brought to the knowledge of those parties to which they were communicated, always provided that this does not prove impossible or that it calls for the deployment of disproportionate means; and he has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the handling of personal data that concerns him, even if pertinent to the purpose of its collection.

  • For further details on the matter please e-mail us to: Further information about your Privacy rights, can be found at: (Privacy Guarantor Authority website)

  • The responsible for the data handling is Reverzani Giuseppe, you will find the complete and update list of all responsibles of handling of personal data.

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